About Us

Smell loss can seriously impact quality of life. We’ve experienced smell loss first hand which is why we created The Smell Project™ smell training kit. Whether you have lost your smell completely (anosmia), have reduced (hyposmia) or distorted (phantosmia) smell, The Smell Project™ smell training kit is designed to support daily stimulation of your sense of smell*.

We are a small group of passionate product creators with a heavy interest in health and wellness. When we had problems with smell loss, we were surprised at the lack of options available on the market. We embarked on a fact-finding mission. We spoke to experts, read many published studies, and spoke with manufacturers. The result is our smell training kit—a carefully designed kit that includes everything you need to get started and instructions on how to do so. Our goal with this website is to create a place to find additional resources for those experiencing smell loss. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@smellproject.com. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.

We check email daily, and it is the most reliable way to reach us. If, however, you'd prefer to send us physical mail, you can address letters to:

Green Manatee LLC
Attn: The Smell Project
2093 Philadelphia Pike #8867
ClaymontDE 19703